Solar makes great sense for business. If your organisation consumes power during daylight hours we can engineer a system that produces just the right amount of power for your needs. This means that low feed in tariffs from traditional electricity companies don’t compromise your return on investment. By using all the power you produce your organisation is not paying your power company for that power – giving a high cost offset against your infrastructure investment. Commercial Solar Systems from Powercom are relatively low maintenance with no moving parts and long manufacturers warranties. Our team also provides local expert after sales services.

Consider adding Intelligent Battery Storage to your system to store any surplus power you generate. Systems available now!

quantifyOur in house engineers have developed a unique system for assessing power requirements and design a solar system to match. We have designed and installed heavy duty industrial solar systems for use in primary industry, irrigation, refrigeration, light industry, transport and many others. These systems create savings for our industrial customers because they consume most if not all the power they consume resulting in a significant cost offset against initial infrastructure spend. ROI is typically less than 5 years.

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